Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just a Few Random Thoughts

Who pays Santa? He's not exactly working on a Public Holiday but he is doing the late shift. What union is looking after his best interests?

What if Rudolph went on strike for an extra carrot and an extra half bale of hay? Afterall, he is multiskilled, has leadership qualities and the respect of his fellow workers.

We told Yu-Jin that Santa didn't have enough money to make all of the toys for every child and his response was, "Let's take our car to the city, when it is dark, and give Santa some money."
He really does believe in Santa and doesn't want anyone to miss out.

Truck drivers often take pills to keep them awake during long hauls. What pills does Santa use to stay awake during the night? And not just any night. He's got so many time zones to go through that the night must stretch on for around 20 hours instead of 10 or so. What if the Victorian Police pulled Santa over for a random drug test?

What better way to celebrate Christmas Eve - than to finish work early and have a waterfight with my son in the backyard?

Shaoib Aktar takes so long to bowl an over that if it is a maiden you would begin to worry about the batsman at the other end not having scored for so long.

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