Sunday, December 05, 2004

Kosher Credit Card

An Israeli bank is planning to issue a kosher credit card. This will be a card that prohibits spending on the Jewish Sabbath, Saturday. A credit card that prohibits spending?

I guess the fanatics will lap it up, just to show their faith. However, the article notes that Orthodox Jews aren't known as big spenders.

A little bit of work needed in the marketing department, me thinks. Will it also stop the purchase of pork?

What's next? A card that doesn't allow alcoholics to buy alcohol? A card that doesn't allow husbands to buy gifts that would normally be associated with lovers? A card that stops obese people from buying at McDonalds? Oh, they've got that one worked out already. The "EFTPOS unavailable" tag goes up quite often at McDonalds. I think that I must be the only one who uses a credit card at McDonalds. I can't recall seeing anybody else use one.

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