Friday, December 17, 2004

Santa's Not The Main Attraction

We were wandering around following our visit to Santa, torturing Yu-Jin by looking at the toys on display that we had no intention of buying, when who should come along but Spiderman. Yu-Jin was happy to have his photo taken, posing with a "Go web!" style.

Miky ased him if that was the real Spiderman. He said, "No, it's just a costume."
"Because no web came out of his hand when he tried to."

Such insight.

Intelligent Ink Monitoring?

I have an Epson Stylus CX3100 printer. It is pretty good. The ink monitoring is quite intelligent, supposedly. When the level of ink drops below 20% it delivers a message that the ink in the black or colour cartridge is below 20%. Would I like to be reminded when the ink level drops below 15%? This happens every 5%.

The other night it asked me if I would like to be reminded when the ink level drops below 0%. Damn right I'd like to see that. I'd also like to see how long I have been printing nothing for before it tells me that I have less than 0%.

I'm intrigued.

Don't Post Dangerous Goods

Finally got off my arse and posted some presents to my nephews back home in South Australia. Had to way up the charges of an airbag versus a tough bag and postage. As it turned out, the goods wouldn't fit into a 3kg airbag even though they were just over the 1kg mark - too big. So I shoved them into a tough bag and the lady stapled it up for me. Then she asked me to sign the Dangerous Goods Declaration on the front. As I signed it I commented that there were indeed dangerous goods inside - if the recipient from under three years of age that is.

I got a couple of laughs.

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