Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Horses For Courses

It kind of worries me that a person who shouldn't be allowed to use sharp instruments as she is always doing some damage to herself, is the chief cutter in her new job. I mean, she cuts herself on the Glad Wrap cutter for crying out loud!

What Would Fundamentalist Christians Think If...

It was proven that Jesus existed (ok, I'm coming at this from an atheist's viewpoint here) but was born on a different date? There's a fair chance that it wouldn't be December 25th. And was this date taken into account when we lost eleven days changing to the Gregorian Calendar in the 1700's? Would there be a group of traditionalist Christians who would continue to celebrate on Dec 25th? Would a breakaway group form and celebrate the new day?

Best Of Album Gone Mad

Tell me, how on earth can Nikki Webster, release a Best Of album? She is only 17 years old. I think that it is unrealistic to release one as she only has a couple of hit songs, and I can only think of one of them.

Is it all downhill from here for Nikki Webster? We've had the best of so what's next?

Stress-free Shopping

Worried about stress during shopping at Christmas time? Don't like large crowds? Hate the push and shove of desperate people? Want the shop to yourself?

Then go to Myer. By heck the shop is quiet. I'd be bloody concerned if I was running the shop. It is almost dead. Where the hell are all the people? I should have gone into David Jones to compare.

Visit to Santa

This year Yu-Jin said that he wouldn't be afraid of Santa. It's an age old story but we were willing for another try. First stop was the hairdresser. He wanted a spiky haircut so that Santa thought he looked like a dinosaur. He is all excited about a Hot Wheels (TM) Car Wash and Bionicles.

We went into Myer and to Santa's House for some photos. Didn't have to wait too long and they had Shrek 2 to keep the kids entertained. When it was Yu-Jin's turn to visit Santa he looked a little concerned and boy did he fidget when sitting on his lap. Mind you, he talked to Santa without any problem.

"And what would you like for Christmas Yu-Jin?"
"A battleship."
"That sounds exciting."

Nice big smile. Couple of pics. A battleship? That's what you got last year son. Put him on the spot and he froze.

Tool for Bribery

I tell Yu-Jin that I have Santa's mobile phone number (well, he travels around a lot and needs a mobile) and that if he doesn't eat his tea I'll call Santa to pick up his presents from our shed. It has been explained to him that Santa came early because it is so far to travel and the presents are sitting in the shed.

By crikey he eats after telling him that.

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