Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Another Christmas Has Come And Gone

The silly season is certainly here. In Perth we have had four days in a row of 37-38 degrees. As it turns out, we spent two nights in a hotel, the Ocean Beach Hotel, in Cottesloe. Having very little breeze, even at night time, it was still 34-36 degrees around 6:30pm. Just made the water feel that much nicer.

I must say, it was a great decision of Miky's to stay in a hotel over Christmas. It was stinking hot, no housework to do, and we ate some nice food (not to say that Miky's cooking isn't nice) and could enjoy ourselves. We haven't had a proper holiday since, well, I can't think - maybe when we went to Korea together after we'd been married for one year. That long ago, really?

The hotel was nice and situated only about 50m from the beach. I got a lovely collection of shells. They weren't all cockle shells - I picked up some nice curly ones too. Cleaning them is another job for Yu-Jin to do during this mini holiday. I only managed to get one photo before the battery ran out on the camera. Here's the pic of North Cottesloe Beach.

Yu-Jin loved the beach, even though he got dumped a few times by waves crashing on top of him. I wish I had done more of this sort of thing when I was a kid. Not that we lived anywhere near the beach though.

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