Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Bad Day ..... At The Office

Yesterday was not a good day. I decided to take my sunnies as we were taking Miky's car and it doesn't have window tinting. As my hair was standing up a bit I put the sunnies down the front of my shirt on my chest. When we dropped Yu-Jin off at childcare he gave me a big hug. And promptly smashed my $50 sunnies. Not a good start.

Then, throughout the day, I had a bitch in Melbourne from our supplier that I have to deal with give me abuse because she didn't have all the information that she required from an order I sent her. It wasn't entirely my fault as I hadn't received all of the info from the customer that I needed and there were no instructions on how to process this particular order. This bitch got very frustrated and procedded to take it out on me. Her time will come.

Miky didn't have the best of days either at work.

Back to childcare to pickup Yu-Jin. He was playing a bit roughly with another boy when we got there but having a good time. I told him to stop his game of flicking a jigsaw puzzle piece across a table as someone would get hurt. As we spoke to one of the carers he flicked the piece again and dived down the side of the table to get it and banged his lip on the side of the table. A nice big cut was opened up and I gave him a cuddle.

Lovely big red stains over my nice white business shirt. I wondered if my day could get any worse.

Made the decision to have pizza for tea. Upon ordering pizzas I was informed that they would be ready in 15 minutes. I went to the supermarket and bought some lemonade for 90 cents, instead of the $3.15 they would charge at the pizza shop. So I was back in the pizza shop after 15 minutes but no pizzas were ready for pickup. So, I waited, patiently. Nearly 15 minutes later I asked the question and the kid found out that they had had to remake one of my pizzas. Obviously they gave it to some other order. "I'll give you a discount" he said.
I got the pizza for free. Finally, something went right.

Got home, opened the lemonade, emptied some of the contents onto my foot as it had been shaken up a bit. Looking like things were turning around again.

After tea we went for a long walk. I did spot a meteor, or a shooting star if you like, and made a wish. We'll see if the bitch from Melbourne is still alive.

New Car Bumper Sticker

From zero to bitch in less time than it takes to get to zero.

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