Friday, December 03, 2004


I'm a Bombers man. When I answered the phone the other day the guy at the other end said his name was Matthew Lloyd. So, I got a little bit excited.

Actually, he was some guy that works for Rockwell Automation in Melbourne and he wanted to know where he should register something for Woodside. It turns out it was an oil rig.

I rang him back and he answered the phone with a polite, "Matthew Lloyd".
At this point I let out a "Lloydy!" and had a bit of a laugh. I gave him the info about the oil rig and he wanted an address for it. I said, "do you want me to give you the longitude and latitude or to tell you that it is so many kilometres out to the ocean in such and such a direction?"
We had a laugh and he settled for the head office address.

Schoolies vs Wheelies

Saw a few gormless types yesterday when I went the bank. I could identify them as schoolies. I should know, I was one of them. Now I'm just a gormless 30-something. But to my shock, I must have seen five people in wheelchairs getting around Subiaco. This struck me as a rather high proportion of the population and they probably outnumbered the schoolies.

How Come Americans Invented Superheroes?

What is it about the American psyche that lead to them inventing superheroes? I don't recall too many others from anywhere else on the planet. Is there something fragile about their nature that necessitated superheroes? Was there a need to be filled and why didn't the Hungarians, Italians or Mongolians feel this way?

Konglish Word For The Week

Disbenefit - meaning to be disadvantaged by not receiving a benefit. Makes sense to me.

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