Saturday, November 13, 2004


Why is it called "menopause" when it is women that go through it?


I was buying our fruit and vegetables from the market yesterday and I overheard something. One women asked one of the shop owners if she could cut some fruit up for her to taste and if she liked it she would buy it. A few moments later I heard her say, "My mother told me there was a saying in Ukrainian, 'nich stov ye vost doon' (I dunno what she said), which means 'It tastes like grass.'"

Just what the hell was she talking about? It really threw me, and I come from European blood, way back. I don't know how the poor Vietnamese women took it. Probably as an insult. She cuts some fruit up, gives a taste, and then gets some story about it tasting like grass.

You overhear some funny conversations at the markets.

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Nick Souter said...

why is it called menopause, because men simply have to pause and let the women throw their tantrum for a week before we can all get back to normal lives again!