Thursday, November 18, 2004

What Has Happened To The World's Greatest Christian Country?

No, I'm not talking about the Holy See. The title is probably more self-proclaimed than anything.

The good ole US of A. Dubya won the presidential election almost entirely on the back of the Christian vote. Well, he is such a man of God. A born-again Christian, he is.

What irks me is in the country where they print "In God We Trust" on their coinage, they can't bring themselves to say Christmas. Take the new movie, Bad Santa. I heard an excerpt this morning on the radio.

"What do you do after the holidays?" some woman asked Bad Santa.
"Nothin' 'til March. Then I'm the Easter Bunny."

Pardon me. Shouldn't the question be "What do you do after Christmas?"? They can't mention the word representing the period that they have holidays but they vote somebody to be their president because God and himself are on the same side?

Like I said, it irks me.

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Nick Souter said...

Hey hambone, I see your point on the Brett Lee 12th man issue. I heard on the radio commentary that the idea behind it was because he'd spent the entire indian tour as 12th man, and because he's a pace bowler he needs to be actively bowling to keep his fitness and performance levels up, it's a tricky one where you can see both sides of the argument.