Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fifth Birthday Fun

Today was a special day. Yu-Jin's friend, Alec, was having his fifth birthday party today. Below is a page with all of the photos that came out.

Birthday party pics.

Lots of kids arrived and we were quickly moved outside. A wise choice as it turned out, otherwise the house would have been flooded with kids and parents. It was quite busy outside and when the animal farm arrived there was a slight amount of pandemonium that ensued. All of the kids wanted to touch the animals - there were ducklings, chickens, bantam roosters and hens, a lamb, a piglet, rabbits, kids (of the goat variety) and a pony. Ok, the pony came last and was the centre of attention - at least until the smaller animals were given to the children to hold. I didn't see too many kids that didn't want to hold an animal. Talk about excited and some of the pics came out very well. Even Miky got in on the act!!

Then it came turn to give the lamb, piglet and kids some bottled milk. The children almost rioted to be given a turn. The piglet stole the show when he got away and ran into the house! What a scream.

Once the pony rides were announced almost all of the kids forgot about the smaller animals. Considering it was supposed to be 32 degrees today and the children had to line up for quite a while waiting their turn, they were very well behaved.

Packing up time was interesting also. One of the little girls who came to the party, in a very nice dress mind you, decided to pick up the piglet and take him to the front of the house but he managed to get away. I raced out to grab him so that a car didn't make him breakfast bacon for tomorrow.

Talk about well looked after at this party. There were two icecream cakes and a chocolate cake too. My kind of party. At this stage Yu-Jin was looking forward to going home so that he could get a lolly bag. Aren't kids so mercenary?

Something I noticed - the parents of the kids from Alec's childcare stayed together and the parents of the kids from Alec's kindy stayed together. I guess everyone was happy with the level of familiarity. It was nice to talk to people who you irregularly see but should be spending more time with. As it turns out, Alec only lives about 15 minutes from our house. And Yu-Jin likes his sister too, as the first photo is a testament to.

It worries me that the last two 5th birthday parties we have attended included a bouncy castle and an animal farm. How are we supposed to top that? I guess our kids deserve it and it isn't too much money in the big picture. The kids have a great time and will never forget it.

Who Says Google News Is Biased?

I did read a report on the Internet a while back that mentioned a possible bias in news reports by Google News. It is where I read the majority of my news, I must admit. But the thing is, when I pick up the Sunday paper after reading Google News on a Saturday, I read the same stories, practically word for word. Where is the bias? It is almost like the Sunday Times in a Website, but with a lot more stories. It's updated a bit more regularly also.

Yu-Jin's Mouth Does It Again

Yu-Jin and I were shopping yesterday for a present for Alec. I spotted one of Miky's lecturers from TAFE and wanted to have a bit of a chat. We were chatting away and then Yu-Jin got this ball and pushed it against me and announced, "It's on your willy."

Time to go, exit stage left.

Definition Of Unlucky

Some things are just meant to happen. A few weeks back, buggered if I can find the news report, an engineering student from UWA had been to a late evening study group. Approximately 1am she fell asleep at the wheel and crashed her car. Some passers by helped her and she was apparently only a little shaken. A few minutes later, two cars on the other side of the ride collided and one of the vehicles careered into this young woman, killing her instantly. She was only three weeks away from graduating. Such a waste. And definitely unlucky. What must the odds against this double accident happening be?

Win With Insulation

I spotted an ad for sealed thermal insulation which I mentioned recently. Was given a quotation the first work day following filling in a form on the Net. Did some more research last weekend and found that ShopRite members get a 15% discount. I bought my Falcon through these guys so I know that they do a reasonable job. Rang the company and tried to squeeze them a bit more. The guy who quoted me earlier said that the special offer was 15% off the retail price but as I was an existing ShopRite member he would give me a further discount, making the 3.0 insulation the same price as the 2.5 insulation.

I would call that a win for a Frugal Bastard.

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