Thursday, November 18, 2004

What's Going On?

My mate Nick Souter is now taking pictures of trees and putting them on his blog. He has hit the big 3-0 and seems to have lost the plot.

Bring Back Spelling

If there is a job that is under scrutiny it must be that of the person who writes the news ticker. You know, that little band at the bottom of the screen that scrolls along and feeds you tidbits of news. I had Channel 9 on the other day, please don't ask why as I HATE Channel 9, and there was an article about Yevgeny Kafelnikov. He doesn't seem to have an official Webpage - how odd. Yevgeny, whom I watched at Wimbledon in 1994 on Court 14 (if my memory serves me right [no pun intended]) when he was just starting and instantly became a fan of his style, has decided to retire and become a professional poker player. That's not how Channel 9 described it though. In their words - professional POKA. I'm sure nearly every fourth grader in the country knows how to spell "poker". But not the one that works for Channel 9, apparently.

Telstra Does It Again

Telstra called me on Tuesday night. Well, Duncan, representing Telstra, called me. He wanted to tell me all about the great rates they had at Telstra as they had dropped their prices. I told him that I didn't believe his as I had spoken to someone from Telstra last week and I'm sure that they wouldn't have dropped their rates again in the meantime. He was surprised that I had been contacted. Talk about a waste of his 16 cents.

Worst Cover Song Ever?

I heard the "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Song for 2004 the other day. Talk about a horrible cover version. It was worse than the original. And I hated the original. Having said that it sounds worse, it is easier to understand. I thought the original song said "Jesus, woo hoo oh" when it seems to be "Food, for all".

Wish The Weather Would Make Up It's Mind

We have had a couple of days of rain in Perth and the temperature has been bobbing around the 18-22 degree mark. Marble Bar, up north, had 45 degrees yesterday. Scheisse. That's cook-an-egg-on-the-shovel weather. We've had a few days of 32 degrees over the weekend and then the cold wave. By Saturday it is supposed to be 35 degrees again. It's seven degrees this morning. Bit nippy.

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