Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's Over... Almost

My madness is almost over. A return to sanity is on the cards. I finished doing Miky's damn homework tonight and boy am I glad. As of tomorrow, Miky will only have a few classes to attend as her range will be finished and undergo judging.

Now, I wouldn't say I am a guru with Microsoft Word, but I can do a hell of a lot more with it than she can. It pretty much goes like this -

- Instructions are handed out
- Instructions are carried out
- Instructions weren't followed too well (perhaps they weren't as clear as they needed to be in the first place?)
- Much screaming ensues (calm down bugger it, it's only a bit of formatting)
- Formatting is changed
- Marriage safe
- Words of gratitude uttered

Earlier today, Miky rang me in a bit of a tizz because her Corel Draw pictures, that we went to great trouble last night to put on my memory stick from the computer at TAFE, wouldn't load at home. I knew that it was because TAFE has version 11 and I only have version 10. Not a big deal, just go to TAFE and save them in version 10 format. Wailing, howling, the end is nigh sentiment ensued.

I gained permission to leave work early so that I could get Yu-Jin from kindy. Met Miky at the library at TAFE and sorted out the version issue VERY quickly. The things I do. Isn't it great that Miky never reads my blog?

My Japanese Is Ok

My message got through the other night in Japanese. An email was waiting for me from my friend the next morning with her phone number. Hooray!! I did say "denwa bangoo", the last word being Korean for "fart" instead of "denwa bango", Japanese for "telephone number", but I got away with it. Don't mention the war (Fawlty Towers joke).

Christmas Is Upon Us

Bugger me. I received my first Christmas Card for the upcoming Christmas 2004. I'm sure that I've received some Christmas cards already this year but they were just late arrivals for 2003. I have removed my cards from the drawers. I am thinking about writing them people. Thinking, not actioning.

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