Friday, November 19, 2004

Korean Blonde Strikes Again

Miky had another of her Korean blonde episodes yesterday. She put her ANZ bankcard into a Westpac ATM and tried to withdraw money. Well, it can be done, and would have cost this frugal bastard in the order of $1.50, but their was no option for "Other Account" and that is what saved me. It was only then that she realised she was at the wrong bank's machine.

Tinny Bastard

I had to deliver some items to three different companies yesterday and got a little bit lost. I parked the car near where I thought one of the companies was only to find that the street wasn't there. On the way back to the car I noticed a one dollar coin. It was only when I picked it up that I realised it was a one pound coin - i.e. a three dollar coin!

Miky had a dream about money the other night, just before she went to work for the last day of a trial. This put her in a good mood as she thought that it was a sign that she would get the job. On the way to the bus, this time taking a longer walk to get to a quicker bus, she found a five dollar note. I think that it is the first time in her life to find money. I do it all the time. Then she became disappointed as the dream obviously only meant the five dollars and not getting the job.

Is The Newlyweds Show Over?

I think I have seen a total of five minutes, in total, of the garbage they call Newlyweds, with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachy. Now that they are in the news for splitting up I guess it means the end of Newlyweds. Perhaps the producers thought that it was time for a spin-off series entitled "Newly-Separateds".

I think I may be adding to the English language here.

No Respect For The Game Of Cricket

Another thing that has irked me recently. The position of 12th man, the first replacement to the test cricket team of a nation, is really being treated with disrespect. It should be seen as a position of honour and should not be toyed with. The 12th man is the first reserve, not good enough for the first eleven, but next in line for a spot. His duties are to field if someone is injured, bring drinks/messages/new gloves/new bats to his teammates. It is almost like an apprenticeship position.

And what do we have now? Brett Lee is named as 12th man for Australia against New Zealand. Rather than attend to his duties he will be released to play a one-day game for NSW. Why bother naming him as 12th man if he won't stick around to fulfil his duties? Is he still getting paid as though he is the 12th man? Give the job to someone more deserving who will hang around for the five days and do his duty.

Everyone knows that Billy Birmingham is the real 12th man.

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