Saturday, November 06, 2004

Silly Old Telstra

Miky got a call from some of the marketing crew at Telstra on Tuesday. They wanted to come around, between 6pm and 7pm, to match the offer of my chosen phone company to get me to "come back".

Funnily enough, I was home having tea, but felt like going elsewhere during that time. Why would I wait around for them? They didn't give me the telephone service that I was looking for and now they expect me to wait for them to service me? Even funnier was the fact that they didn't turn up. Much as I expected.

The following night, at about 5:50pm, a dude from Telstra came around. He asked me which telephone company I was with. I told him that Telstra know who I am with. Afterall, that hooked me up to the new service provider. This agitated him a bit. He did mention that I had be spoken to the other night. I said that I hadn't. My wife had, but not me. Got him a little bit more offside. My feeling was that he should know the story if he is going to sell me something.

I showed him the current plan with DigiPlus, tell them I put you onto their service if you decide to change to them (we'll both get $10 worth of calls for free. You'll probably need my phone number though. Drop me an email.) and said that they didn't have a credit card charge either. He lamely indicated that on a $100 bill it was only $1.50 to which I replied that was one capped national call of $1.49 with DigiPlus. He looked over my current plan and said that he couldn't better that offer and promptly left.

Don't waste your time and mine I thought to myself.

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