Monday, November 08, 2004

McDonalds Are Famous For It

What are McDonalds famous for? Wherever you go you will be served the same shit. In our case it was the same shit service. A week ago, on Saturday, I took Yu-Jin to McDonalds to have an ice cream only to be informed that they were cleaning the machine. We went to another McDonalds not far away.

Last Saturday I took Yu-Jin to McDonalds for a milkshake, and to meet Miky. I was informed that they were cleaning the machine, again, and that this was done on a weekly basis. What possessed them to clean the machine on a Saturday morning I'll never know. Do it when you are a little bit less busy. Whilst we waited I counted at least 42 flies on the window and five dead ones. That's pretty disgusting. At least Yu-Jin had his own biscuit to eat. Miky came and we went to the other McDonalds.

At the other McDonalds I was told that the chocolate wasn't working. Therefore, we ordered a strawberry milkshake. He tried and the machine broke down. Unbelievable! Yu-Jin and I went a couple of doors down to Hungry Jacks and purchased a chocolate thickshake and took it back into McDonalds to have. Nobody challenged us.

International Phone Calls

I had the urge last night to call some friends overseas, one in Germany and the other in Japan. Unfortunately my address book had my friends' addresses but not phone numbers. This is the reason why I love parents.

Parents never move. I had the phone numbers of both sets of parents. I rang Germany first and it was so funny. My friend's mum was happy to talk to me. My German isn't brilliant but we had a bit of a laugh and I got the telephone number. Then I spoke to my friend's answering machine.

Feeling a little more confident I rang my friend's parents in Japan. Strangely, nobody said anything for the first 5-10 seconds, and I was about to hang up but decided to say something. Then the other end of the sprang to life. Is it not normal to say "Hello" when answering the phone? I asked in Japanese for my friend's phone number and then got heaps of Japanese. Not recognising the voice I made sure that I had the correct people. No phone number was forthcoming. "Bye bye".

Mind you, there was an email awaiting me this morning with a phone number so my message got through. My Japanese wasn't a complete failure. But the call wasn't as much fun as the one to Germany.

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