Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Real Cost Of Air Travel

It's much cheaper to travel today folks than it was eight years ago. My mate Grooks was married some eight years ago and I flew return to Adelaide from Perth with Qantas for a cheap price of $369. It was a good deal at that time.

A couple of days ago I purchased some tickets with Qantas, on the Net, for myself and Yu-Jin, to attend my sister's 30th birthday. They set me back some $328.14 each.

Think about it. What has inflation been running at over that time? Two to three and half, four percent? And what about the $12 fuel surcharge for each one-way flight? That is a component of $24 per ticket.

There you have it. Air travel is significantly cheaper these days. Thanks Virgin Blue. Isn't competition great?

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