Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Down On The Farm

Recently I returned home with the missus and the boy for my mum's birthday. The trip home involved one day down on the farm and I'm pretty sure that the boy had a good time. We visited one of my uncles and he had a calf that was being looked after. This gave Yu-Jin the opportunity to feed it. Just look at the world's latest cowgirl too. She sure looks like she could handle a bullock.

Feeding a calf

I think the thing most enjoyed by the boy about farm life was getting to drive the car. No, it wasn't quite as irresponsible or Britney Spears-like as I did wait until he was physically able to steer and see over the steering wheel. I see that playing computer games does have its uses.

Kid driving the car

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Anonymous said...

Very good job. How cute. Take care!! Annette