Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meet The Newest Member Of The Household

It's been a long time coming but we have a new member in our household. His name is Stew. Well, that's what I call him. Miky and Yu-Jin have called him Tommy. Miky's preference was Oliver. I'm sticking with Stew.

Miky bought him today. We actually went looking for a rabbit last weekend but saw a few other animals of interest. At one store we saw a beagle puppy but at $825 that was a bit much. At another store there were Jack Russell pups for $450. Just a bit more than the $100 dad paid for Georgina back in about 1981. A few of the shops near the boy's school were closed when we arrived so Miky went back after school one day. She fell in love with a four month old bunny who was the size of a medium dog.

I didn't feel like paying $120 for a small cage or $200 for a medium cage for the rabbit so we looked in the paper. Found a couple for $50 within half an hour drive. Pity I couldn't fit it in the car with the rest of the family in it. I took a day off work, which I worked today instead, so that we could spend the whole day shopping. The new Ikea store has opened in Osborne Park and it's massive. Arrived at lunch time and had to queue for about 15 minutes to get lunch. Whilst in line a magician came to entertain us and then gave the boy a $5 gift voucher. Bonus. Ikea was so busy that you couldn't think and we didn't end up buying anything although we had heaps on our shopping list. Disappointing that. It's about four times the size of the old store.

Spent much of the morning and some of the afternoon hunting for tiles to redo the bathroom. Picked up pretty much what we wanted too. Not a bad days shopping.

This morning Miky bought another bunny. This time it was a tawny coloured dwarf lop, I think. I drove up to the guy's house with the rabbit hutch for sale and we only just managed to fit it into my car. Funny, I've put a whole Ikea kitchen into my car before.

Once home my missus informed me that the mozzies were bothering Stew and I would have to cover the hutch with mosquito wire. Duly went to Bunnings to purchase said article and then spent another hour installing it. Came up ok.

It seems that Stew is quite comfortable inside our house. He has a pee and a poo in the same place and likes wandering around the house. Stew is especially fond of hiding behind the buffet.

Stew just stretching out

Psycho Stew


Susan Ham said...

Is it just me, or do I detect a Machiavellian sense of humour in the name of your rabbit? Rabbit Stew?!! What happened to the Cavey you were thinking of buying?

Anonymous said...

Oh I see when he gets fat enough you will make him into a yummy stew ha ha I had about 6 bunnies I loved. French lops, Danish bunnies and more. Enjoy your cute pet and thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Annette

Hammy said...

He'll only become stew if he misbehaves.

I prefer hare to rabbit, any day.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to keep the feet for good luck!! I named one of mine Bugs Bunny after the cartoon character because, he was so bad!! Annette

David (Staypuff) said...

I could have posted you a dog from Korea for less then $50. ;)

Hammy said...

My missus used to have a Chin do gae.