Monday, February 04, 2008

Kalamunda Wet 'N" Wild Waterslides

Yesterday was the last day of the school holidays. I'd been meaning to take the boy somewhere for a day out and Kalamunda Wet 'N" Wild with their waterslides seemed the ideal place. Actually, there are three water parks around Perth, the others being Adventure World and The Great Escape. The boy had been to Wet 'N' Wild during the school holidays with his child care but I was up for a day of sliding. Gee, I must have been about eight years old the last time I did it.

The slides were pretty cool with the Yellow Devil Zig Zag Tube and the Red Monster Corkscrew Tube open all the time. The Awesome Foursome and the Screaming Demon opened alternatively for 30 minutes to allow the pool at the bottom to open. It takes some 9-11 seconds to complete the Screaming Demon and the boy wanted to have a go. The lifeguard said that as he was under ten years of age I had to go to the front office to sign a form allowing him to go on it. Ok, he said that he rode it when at child care. So we went all the way back to the front office, received a stamp as a pass and just as we got back at the slide it was closed. Bugger.

Half an hour later it reopened and we were one of the first on it. Excellent. The second time I went down I closed my eyes the whole way to see what the feeling was like. I survived.

We spent five hours, minus half an hour for lunch that Miky prepared for us, riding the slides. My left quadriceps are killing me. Not sure if I hurt it on one of the slides or by climbing the steps and ramp so many times. Worth the effort though as it was a great way to spend a hot day. The temperature did hit 36.9 degrees C.


tmz_99 said...

isn't there slides at Hillaries also?

Hammy said...

That would be Hillary's The Great Escape.

Anonymous said...

Waterparks rule ,as long as, the water shooting things don't shoot up your butt and take off your swimming suit like they did mine ha ha