Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Strange Feeling At The Petrol Station

On Saturday afternoon I filled my car up for the first time in eight weeks. No, it's not ultra fuel efficient. I just don't use it a lot as I catch the bus to work. And considering that it cost over A$80 to fill it's not something that I'd like to do each week.

There was a lady at the bowser in front of me and she went into the shop just as I was getting out and starting to fill my car. We were the only two people at the station at the time. The petrol bowser seemed to be quite slow and it must have taken about three minutes to fill. Then I thought to myself, "Hmmm. That lady has been in the shop for an unusually long time. I wonder if they are in the middle of being held up as she should have come out by now?"

So, with some slight trepidation, I entered the shop to pay for my fuel. The lady was at the counter with a 1L bottle of oil in her hand talking to the shop assistant. Then she turned to me and asked, "Do you know anything about scooters?"
My response was, "No. They're not real motorbikes."
That set her off a little bit and it was funny to see her reaction as she said that "Scooters are real motorbikes" before she left the shop. The guy at the counter explained, when I told him that I thought maybe they were being held up because she had been in the shop for so long that she wasn't sure which oil to buy for her scooter and was asking him lots of questions. He was unable to help her as he didn't own a bike or a car. And I'm thinking that "This guy doesn't even own a car and he works in a petrol station?"

Never mind. No crisis to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Hammy I had one ha ha IT only cost me $1.00 US to fill in the 90s so, I beat you at being cheap ha ha I could go 100 miles or more on that too!! It is 2 cycle engine oil you use the same as a lawn mower ha ha ha Now let's go hold up the station and go shopping!! ha ha Annette P.s. You be Clyde and I will be Bonnie not!!!

SSC said...

Ha ha I laughed so hard!!!! People amuse me.