Monday, February 11, 2008

Afternoon At The Driving Range

The boy and I took some time out on Sunday afternoon to go to the driving range at Whaleback Golf Club. The 3-wood was fairly straight. Straight over the right side fence followed by one straight over the left side fence. Well, it amused the boy somewhat. Not having played since last Easter it was hardly surprising when I a blister appear on my left thumb. What to do in this situation, especially considering that you've paid for the balls? Change hands, of course. So I hit a few left-handed 6-irons. The result wasn't too bad either. All within the 100-125 metres range and pretty straight.

FB striking an 8-iron

FB striking a left-handed 6-iron

The boy enjoyed himself. Mostly he wanted to hit the guy in the ball-collecting vehicle and was disappointed when I didn't do it.

The Boy striking a 3-wood

The Boy is reasonably handy with the left-handed 6-iron also

Nice drive from the Boy

We also had a putting competition. I let him do the bunker practice by himself as my thumb was hurting too much. Watching him was rather reminiscent of my mate Loppy and his 11 or 13 shots to get out of a bunker one day.

The Boy in bunker trouble


Anonymous said...

Good work. I was sick but, I missed you!! Annette

Nick Souter said...

mate, that's not the huge booming drive I remember from the old days, i'm taking you on next time we meet again, I'm hitting the ball more powerful these days, I reckon I could whip your ass!