Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia?

I think there are some very talented dancers in this country and So You Think You Can Dance Australia is going to show us quite a few of them. And I'm not much of an enthusiast when it comes to dance but some people blow you away. One of my favourites on tonight's episode was Don - a bboy. If you enjoy watching bboys check out the Korean bboys in the videos below. I also quite like Sirone the krumper.

Extreme Crew Bboy Superman - this guy is sick.

Korean Bboy (or should that be Bbaby?)

Korean Bboys from Bboy World


Anonymous said...

I can dance better than that Mr.!! Be sure to see the old video on You tube "Safety Dance" Men without hats. It is good. Take care Annette

Anonymous said...

I agree with your Bonnie Lythgow gripe mate! Do all Aussie blogs talk about ANZAC and so you think you can dance? Just Sayin?