Sunday, February 24, 2008

Update On The Rabbit

Young Stew, or Tommy as other members of the household refer to him, is a funny creature. He'll run around the house and spin 180 degrees much like a little dog would. He pees and poos in the one spot although he does leave a few pellets around the house. Miky bought him a dog bed and filled it with straw for sleeping in but he prefers to crawl under the buffet and sleep there. I guess no-one can bother him there. He's rather affectionate and will come and sit next to you. Yesterday he jumped up on the couch five times. Talk about a wascally wabbit.

Miky was working yesterday from early in the morning and Stew would pop in to see what she was doing quite regularly. That's rather nice but he's not attention seeking like a dog. He will just about follow her around the house. I guess it's got something to do with the fact that she feeds him. He'll even let her kiss him.

The biggest surprise of having Stew as a pet is the missus. As I've mentioned before she's a bit of a clean freak. Now with rabbit poo around the house and hay, pee and poo throughout the laundry you'd think that she couldn't handle it. To my shock it doesn't bother her. And to think that the choice of dog we had was narrowed down to a couple of breeds because they were the only ones that didn't drop hair. Yep, she was worried about dog hair lying about the place. No such qualms about rabbit poo.


Susan Ham said...

Why does the rabbit not sleep in his hutch at night????

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit ha ha He needs a carrot in his dog bed to sleep or a toy rabbit maybe?? Annette

Hammy said...

Several reasons why the rabbit sleeps inside and not in the hutch. He can be difficult to catch at night as he likes to hide, you get eaten by mozzies outside and we're all a bit soft on him. He behaves fairly well inside.