Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day or, as one of my colleagues put it, the day that John Sands, Hallmark etc have over-commercialised and created an industry that isn't necessary. His opinion of Valentine's Day is that it was meant to be a way of gaining an introduction after sending your message of admiration to a person distant to yourself. It has lost that meaning almost completely.

Last weekend my missus said, "Don't get me anything thing for Valentine's Day. No chocolate." I had no intention of buying chocolates as she's on a health kick and there was a box of them in the fridge anyway. I did want to buy her some flowers and she said that they had to be red roses. Ok, fair enough. So I bought them on the weekend when they were still a reasonable price. Not on the day when sold by Mediterranean man who resemble Exzorbitant the Greek (Just my attempt at humour there - moving along). Can't stand paying three to four times for something that I would be happy to pay on any normal day.

Miky rang me this morning and reminded me not to buy her anything. I reminded her of our agreement on the weekend. About half an hour later I noticed a message on my phone so I rang her back to find out what she wanted. It was at this stage that she informed me, "Don't worry about buying me a present for Valentine's Day as I have already bought mine." Um, what happened to our agreement? So I could now buy something to the same value for myself. How quickly it went from just costing me for a bunch of roses to outlaying $100!!

Starting to believe my colleague about the commercialising of Valentine's Day.


Susan Ham said...

Do you get the feeling you have just been conned, and by a past master?

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's day!! We women are the Grand Master Con artist choco holic rose loving gals!! Oh and remember diamonds are a girl's best fried but, that will cost you. Annette ha ha