Friday, January 05, 2007

Short Break Over New Years

We stayed at a "chalet" in Cottesloe to bring in the new year. The room was very nice but the beds were terrible.

We didn't get off to a good start for the holiday. Miky unlocked her car and we started loading it with gear. Took a while to do so. During this period in time Miky did some more packing, a bit of gardening and had a bit of a tidy-up.

Then her keys went astray. It was approaching the time to depart so that we could check-in. We turned the car upside down. We turned the luggage upside down. We turned the garden upside down. We turned the house upside down. After 45 minutes of searching for the keys we decided to take my car. I said, "It would be ironic if the moment we load up my car we find your keys. I give you a 10-15% chance that someone stole your keys."

No sooner said than done. As I had loaded the last of the luggage into my boot I had a look in the wheel bay of Miky's car. Guess what I found? Yes, her keys. No matter.

Cottosloe Beach was nice but with the wind playing up for the three days that we spent there the surf was up a bit. Didn't make conditions ideal for sticking your head in the water searching for nice shells. Luckily I brought Miky's goggles.

Let's hit that surf.

Look out for the waves.

Doin' "the ostrich".

Cottesloe Beach with the Indiana Tea House.

Our Merboy.

I only got sunburnt on the final day. Must say, it was nice to go the beach in the morning and then again in the arvo with a nice shower in between.
Busy beach at North Cottesloe.

Last of the sun for 2006.

Coppers on the beat.

Indiana Tea House on New Years Eve 2006.

One day we headed to Freo to visit Fast Eddie's for lunch. In fact, it was the only reason we went there. After finding a parking spot we discovered that the premises was boarded up. It had been sold not too long before. Bugger.

We were awake for the countdown to the New Year. Couldn't really avoid it as our chalet was next door to the pub which was packed with revellers. Didn't bother me too much.

It was a nice holiday. And it allowed me to grow a half-decent beard.


honkeie2 said...

great pics...but when the police horses poohs on your blacket do they come clean it up and give you one get out of jail card?

Hammy said...

I think not.