Monday, January 22, 2007

I Am Not The Messiah

I have had a few comments recently that lead me to believe that a few people are confused about my appearance. Let me get one thing straight. I may be a very naughty boy but I'm not the Messiah.

Since the Christmas break I have not shaved apart from a bit of tidy-up. The first reaction I garnered from two work colleagues was, "Jesus Christ!" I don't think that the beard was quite long enough myself. Then another colleague, who hadn't spoken to me for two and a half days, turned and asked me, "Mark?" He now greets me with a, "Hi Jesus".

It looks a bit scruffy up close, and I do look a bit like death warmed up early in the morning, so I can understand the confusion. But, for all you believers out there, this is not the second coming.


JoeBlogs said...

In the english premier league a couple of players said they wouldntt get a haircut unless they scored. One has and the other is still looking a bit of a mess. The team was portsmouth.

Joe said...

Plus, I'm pretty sure His hair was longer.