Friday, January 05, 2007

A Short Break At Johnno's Property

Shortly after Christmas Day the boy and I headed up to my friend's, and former boss's, farm for an afternoon. The missus didn't want to come as it was an hour's drive away and she wished to go shopping instead. Funnily enough, John's wife did the same thing. So it was a bit of a lads' day out.

Not a bad little drive out to the country and there wasn't a great deal of traffic. The property is tucked away a little bit but with the right directions it's pretty easy to find. I thought Yu-Jin might enjoy being able to mix with the sheep and he did enjoy feeding them. The farm is a hobby farm but John's sheep look very healthy so he looks after them ok.

It was really nice to be able to kick back and just talk on a beautiful summer's day. When we were working together we could have a chat but not really an in depth, heart-to-heart sort of chinwag. Good thing that I brought some meat for lunch as John had ingredients to prepare a salad and it made quite a satisfying lunch. We had a wander about the whole property and man, is the country dry at the moment. He has a creek at the front but I think it should be named Bone Dry Creek. There's not a skerrick of water in it.

You can make out the noise of the highway from the house, which has lovely high ceilings, but it doesn't bother you too much. Almost the perfect place to get away from it all. I think that was the initial intention as it is a relaxing atmosphere. We found plenty to talk about and sat on the front porch for hours like a couple of old codgers. Yu-Jin found ways to entertain himself, surprisingly, but after about five hours he'd had enough of that. Time to go home. I really enjoyed the day though.

Must be called Bone Dry Creek.

Not much of a shack to stay in.

Yu-Jin feeding the sheep some pellets.

Said sheep eating the pellets.

Spooky fence post.


honkeie2 said...

This look like a great place to set up a shooting range. If this was Texas you would see tons of shot up beer cans.
Looks like fun, I want a hobby farm!

Hammy said...

And quite possibly you might find shot up friends of the Vice President of the US. That is, of course, if the President himself didn't show up.

honkeie2 said...

hahahahahahahaha.......what dick forgot to say was....Duck!