Thursday, January 18, 2007

Comet McNaught

After hearing about McNaught's Comet on Sunday night at the picnic I was excited to have a chance to view it on Monday. But alas, the clouds rolled in just around sunset. Seeing as the comet is quite close to the sun at present there were quite a few disappointed would-be astronomers in Perth. Comet McNaught pics. Comet McNaught info.

Last night, about quarter to nine, I decided to go for a walk and see if I could catch a glimpse. I've seen Halley's Comet twice, no I'm not at least 76 years old as I saw it approaching the sun and leaving the sun, so this was an event not to miss. Besides, I'd heard that it was the brightest comet since 1965 and Halley's Comet wasn't all that bright.

It didn't take long to spot it. My, what a beautiful sight. Managed to get a couple of pictures that turned out ok but really didn't do it justice. I don't have any professional equipment for capturing photos. If you do get the chance have a look. Maybe I'll brave the mozzies tonight and take the telescope out. Could be fantastic.

Comet McNaught.

Comet McNaught - 2nd photo.

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