Monday, January 15, 2007

Nice Way To Spend Sunday

Had a nice Sunday, did I. The morning was spent letting the young fella play computer games whilst I caught up with some zeds. I then joined him to play a zombie-killing game. After breakfast I read the news and a few blogs. Then Miky wanted to use the computer so Yu-Jin and I watched a documentary on the possibility of a super volcano and super eruption in Yellowstone National Park. Bit of an eye-opener that.

Following this the one day match between Australia and New Zealand was on so Yu-Jin and I played Trouble, fish and poker while I managed to see a bit of cricket. It was 38 degrees celcius outside so I didn't feel terribly like doing much anyway. We read a bit of his Batman - The Ultimate Book of the Dark Knight book for a while before constructing a racing track out of blocks. After all this attention the little bugger still complained about having nothing to do.

Friends of ours invited us out for a picnic. I had been worried about it being too hot for his wife and was thinking about attending the football to see Bobby Despotovski's last game for Perth Glory but I'm glad that we went to the picnic instead. Our friends, Ben and Anne, have some lovely friends and the kids certainly enjoyed playing together in the park. Hale Park inside Kings Park, I think. Nice spot. Once the mozzies came out it was time to go home though. Didn't get home until about 9pm. At least the evening was cool enough for a picnic.

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