Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shelley Primary School Library Opening

Last night we attended the opening of the Shelley Primary School Library. The Principal, Mr Hambling, mentioned that the library was on the initial proposal when the school was constructed in 1974 but had never been built. Every year for the next 30 years the school applied to have a library built. Then Mr Hambling bumped into somebody from the Education Department at a shopping centre and this situation arose in conversation. The guy told him that he should apply for an upgrade and nota new library and there would be no problem.

And so it was the case. Two years later the structure is finished. They invited the Federal Member for Tagney to open it but a fill-in represented him as he had lost his pre-selection for the seat and was in the middle of an appeals process. The fill-in was a councillor who said that a crowd of four people was considered to be large for council meetings. There were a couple of hundred people in attendance last night.

The Shelley Primary School Choir sang Advance Australia Fair and then a medley of Village People songs. Special guest was the local member for Riverton, Tony McRae. He was more than happy to yell into the microphone, stand atop a block so that he could be seen and announce his happiness at having been part of the last six years of effort to get the library built. He presented a plaque and read out the inscription including, "The Honourable Tony McRae - that's me". I was surprised that he didn't start kissing babies.

The Principal, Mr Bruce Hambling, conducting the opening ceremony.

The school had a competition to discourage people from smoking. Here is a poster that was on display but didn't win a prize.

Almost more computers than books in this library.

We were able to visit the children's classes after the opening ceremony and see what work they had been up to. I don't get much of a chance to visit the school so I enjoyed the opportunity. And you get to see some familiar faces and meet a few new people. I met a guy that I have corresponded with via email for work and that was a bit strange. We went to his house afterwards to have a cup of tea.


Hammysmum said...

It appears this is where Yu-Jin goes to school. I had a funny thing happen, twice, concerning a student teacher, Sarah someone. I had a bloke ring me on my mobile, looking for her. The first time he asked if I was Sarah, I said no, but my grandmother had been. Then he said he was from Shelley Primary School. I asked where that was, and he said W.A. I said he had the wrong number, and I was in S.A. He got off the phone pretty quickly. He rang again the next week, looking for the same person, and realised he had rung me by mistake again. I told him to find out what her number is so he didn't make the same mistake again. Have not heard from hin again.

Hammysmum said...

This posting has taken a while to show up. I have read the previous and subsequent ones, ages ago, but this one has only appeared today. Wierd!