Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Real Estate Profession Needs More Professionals

A few weeks back Miky received a call from one of the local real estate companies asking her if she would like to receive a obligation-free valuation. Sure, why not. Within a day or so the agent dropped by with this carefully prepared document which had a picture of our place the last time it was on sale, who the registered owners were (us), and how much we paid for the property. The valuation part was a bit of a fraud as it mentioned the median house price and as such was not a true valuation of our property. Never mind, we didn't ask or pay for it. There were several forms at the rear of the document to fill in if we were wanting to sell. Somehow, I don't think so mate.

Yesterday some mail, which you can view below, arrived from the same real estate company.

What I deem to be particularly unprofessional is the fact that neither myself or my wife go by the name of Han. They could get the name correct on a faux-valuation but not on some marketing campaign where they are desparately trying to sign us up to sell our residence. She wants to provide me with tips for prepare my home for the spring season? Since when has ther been a spring season for selling homes? Let me give you a tip, lady, don't keep bugging me and don't keep bugging me with my name spelt incorrectly.

Coincidentally, at work we sell Allen-Bradley automation products. Gary, my offsider, took a call recently from an Indian-sounding chap who wished to speak to Mr Allen. When informed that there was no Mr Allen working here he asked to speak to Mr Bradley. What a bloody laugh. Spam telephone calls. You've got to love them.

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Hammysmum said...

Some one needs to invent a fire wall that will instantly detect telemarketing calls, and cut them off.