Monday, September 11, 2006

One Way To Stop The Terrorists

The Australian Federal Labor Party has a great idea which will reduce terrorist activities here in Oz. They want all new migrants to sign a declaration to uphold Australian values (whatever they are) and obviously not to partake in terrorist activities. Wow, what a revelation. That should stop the terrorists in their tracks. They'll be thinking, "If I sign this declaration then I won't be able to terrorise anybody. Maybe I don't want to migrate to Australia."

Perhaps they'll just come on a tourist visa then. Have you thought about that, ALP? Get real. We have sufficient laws to outlaw terrorism now let's get some teeth to enable our forces, police/defence/border patrol etc, to enforce the laws.

Are Christians going to be forced to swear an oath based on the 11th Commandment - Thou shalt not commit acts of terrorism or random violence?
Will Muslims be forced to say "Allah is good, but he doesn't like terrorist activities"?
Will The Church of Scientology be banned? Not that they've got anything to do with terrorist activities but they seem to be a bunch of nutters.

Come on ALP, pull your collective head out of your collective arse and come up with something relevant.


tmz_99 said...

you know.. terrorism is a tough subject, but I guess at the bottom line is that it stems from countries that are impovrished. Maybe if we HELP these countries by providing them with healtcare proffesionals, training for their teachers NOT their military and stop blowing THEM up, maybe then, they will see were a good bunch and not try to blow us up...
Whatever the ideological ideals behind terrorism are, religion is very rarely a reason for a war, it may the the justification for it, but the real reason is usually financial. As it may very well be in this case.

honkeie2 said...

The problem with most governments is that all they really do is set dates to start a committe to discuss the issue at sometime in the future that will most likely get canceled to attened some big sporting event that is the countries national past time to help boost moral.

Hammy said...

You guys raise some good points there. We're not helping ourselves by blowing them up but just making it the situation worse.

I guess that the United Nations was setup to negate the chances of invading another country to blow it to pieces because of a disagreement but if that was the case it has been an abject failure.

On the trade front all countries would benefit from free trade and that would lead to less conflicts from jealous, or feeling left out, people. I think you're right about disadvantaged people feeling angry. Perhaps there are just too many people in the world such that we can all get along. But, it's always been the case.

Hammysmum said...

The United Nations has lost any power it had, and is now a 'paper tiger'. I think Kofi Anan is a toothless tiger. He can't even growl above a whisper.I am not advocating violence, but they need to DO something.