Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nearly Had Some Road Kill To Clean Up This Morning

The roads were wet this morning so traffic was moving a little more slowly than usual during peak hour. I decided to go via South Perth as the traffic report indicated that the Freeway was very busy. I was a couple of cars back from the traffic lights and both lanes of cars were not moving as the other side of the intersection was full. Some guy decided that this would be a good opportunity to cross against the lights. He made it past the two lanes of traffic but didn't take into consideration the righthand turning lane. As he stepped in front of it he was confronted with a car doing at least 25-30 km/h which came to a screaching halt. The screaching halt finished about one metre past the pedestrian's swayed-out-of-the-way legs.

He was only inches away from being road kill or, even worse, a paraplegic. I don't blame the driver as he had a green light, a clear road and shouldn't have to worry about pedestrians with a death wish. Perhaps I would have taken a couple of pics before helping clean up the road kill, if it had eventuated, but you never know.


Anonymous said...

Bit ghoulish, aren't you?

Hammy said...

Nah, I just like to watch, and tell.