Friday, September 29, 2006

I Bought My Wife A Necklace For Our Wedding Anniversary

Yes, I splashed out on a nice little number for her. It looks great and she really likes it. My wife is such a difficult person to buy for and so hard to please. So, I am very glad that she is happy.

Yesterday she told me that she had bought it as her anniversary present and that she was most thankful. It wasn't quite what we had discussed but a man has to get it right every now and again.


Hammysmum said...

Couldn't you sleep?

Hammy said...

As a matter of fact, no. I went to bed early because I was feeling crook and from 2:30 I was awake. What better way to feel sleepy than to waste a few hours on the computer? I was right in the middle of a nice dream when woken for work. Dammit.

Peter Schicker said...

Hey Hammy, your wife sounds like a real nice lady, mine is the same with gifts and at the end of the day I think its for the best
so, what happened to David over at Staypuff?
everyone misses him and i remember your link and didnt know where else to turn

Hammy said...

Hi Peter,

Yes, I haven't had a post from Andong David, as he is known in our household, to read for a while. My guess is that he's in China at the moment and hasn't had time to post. Perhaps his blog is offline due to bandwidth problems or spam or he's failed to pay his domain registration fees.

Maybe he's just taking a break. I'm sure he'll be back before we know it letting us know his trials and tribulations.