Monday, September 25, 2006

Highlights Of The Weekend

It was pretty much business as usual this weekend but we did manage to fit a couple of extras in. The Canning Vale Weaving Mills, world famous for its quality towelling products, has closed its manufacturing facilities as it is unable to compete with Chinese imports. Despite receiving Federal grants its profits tumbled and it will now become an importer. This meant that there was a three day sale whereby all quality towels were being sold at $14.99/kg. We bought a couple of 4-packs, bath mats and some oddments. Considering that the stock was probably being sold off at a quarter of its retail value we did alright. It was pretty busy down there on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday we all went to the Old Mill in South Perth. Miky wasn't too thrilled about it actually but I thought the boy would like to see a bit of history. Once Miky looked inside the homestead she changed her tune. The building is older than any in Perth, so they tell us. The homestead was home to the miller, Mr William Kernot Shenton, his wife and thirteen kids. At times Mr Shenton's brother and his wife also stayed. Must have been pretty cramped.

All the buildings at the Old Mill in South Perth.

The Old Mill. Don Quixote eat your heart out.

Old style scales. No digital readout in those days.

The shed could do with a bit of a makeover.

Plaque dedicated to the Swan Colony's centenary.

The millstones used in the Old Mill.

The homestead at the Old Mill. This was home to Mr and Mrs Shenton and their 13 kids.

Old kitchen tools. Not like your modern day kitchen, eh?

Fireplace centrally located.

Comfortable bed. Probably for six.

And this is the ensuite in the main bedroom. Running water was at a premium in the olden days.

The mill was constructed in 1833 and was a wooden structure. In 1834 it was burnt down. Rebuilt with limestone in 1835 it still stands. South Perth is a reasonable place for a mill with sails as it's quite windy in the area. Full operation meant the grinding of some 25 bushels, about 675 kgs, of wheat per day. By 1846 it was unable to compete with other mills built in wheat-growing areas and was unprofitable. The last flour was produced there in 1859. The Old Mill in South Perth subsequently became a wine saloon and then a poultry farm. It's been patched up over the years as it had fallen into disrepair.

Following our visit to the Old Mill we went to the Boat Shed and bought some ice creams and a coffee. Yu-Jin then played in the playground for about half an hour whilst we talked. Walking back to the car we noticed a large group of people hauling a drag net in. They were doing some sort of study on fish numbers and were especially interested in the number of blowfish, commonly known as blowies, that were in the catch. In fact, there were more blowies than anything else.

Some people conducting a fishing study on the Swan River.

Lots of blowfish to be caught in the Swan River.

Bought some potting mix on the way home and Miky did quite a bit of gardening including transplanting the strawberries that she has growing. I cut most of the lawn in the backyard with my shears. It's amazing that some of the lawn was nearly up to my knee and other parts were barely an inch high. Soil quality has a lot to do with it. The really high lawn was in lovely condition. Had to water much of the garden as it has been a bit dry of late.

Miky made wonton for tea. Mmmm, chicken. We watched Australian Idol after tea and couldn't believe that the judges were watching the same performances as we were. The ones that we loved they hated and vice versa. Then we saw Bruce Almighty and had a good laugh.

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