Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Wedding Anniversary

It's nine years to the day since we were married. Ah. Gee, where did all the time go? We are nearly halfway to being grandparents. We celebrated this little milestone, not millstone, yesterday by having a lovely lunch together at Sicilian Restaurant in Subiaco. Miky has to work today and wouldn't have had any time available. Seeing as she doesn't work on Tuesdays we decided it was best to have it early. I took an extra half an hour for lunch and nobody at work said anything. What are they going to do anyway, sack me? My last day is Friday so I don't really care.

Miky had a seafood linguine which was quite nice and I had Sicilan beef lasagne. I've never eaten so much eggplant in all my life and, come to think of it, I've never had eggplant in lasagne before either. They served it just a bit warmer than cold and I had to ask for it to be heated up. Nowhere near as good as my mum's or Miky's lasagne. After lunch we went to Vero Cafe and had green tea and a berry cheesecake. Now wasn't that just scrumdiddlyumptious. Then I had to wander back to work.

We don't get to spend too much time together so yesterday made a really nice change. Just need to find more occasion to do it. Oh, and the time. Even though we work near to each other Miky generally doesn't stop for lunch as she has limited working hours, gotta drop-off and pickup the boy, so lunch is usually out of the question. And it will be when I start my new job in the city. We need to do this more often though.

My parents are celebrating 37 years today, we married on their wedding anniversary which makes it easy to remember, and that seems like such a long time. My mum can probably vouch for that. I'll call her later. Thirty seven years, eh? Sounds like a sentence for a double homicide.

Be good to your families.


Hammysmum said...

Life sentence? You got that right! It is a long time. More than half my lifetime.

Hammy said...

No. 3 spammer eats the big one.