Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fathers Day 2006

I got breakfast in bed on Sunday. Some nice French toast, fruit and a cup of tea. And I received a present that most fathers wouldn’t have – an ear and nose hair trimmer. What is my missus telling me exactly? Along with that came a box of chocolates that made Yu-Jin feel sick and Miky didn’t want as she was in an I-won’t-eat-stuff-that-could-make-me fat frame of mind. Bonus – I get to eat them all by myself. The present arrived at about 6:30 so it was an early start to the day.

After Yu-Jin had played his weekend computer game quota we boys headed off to the zoo. The Perth Zoo is free to fathers on Fathers Day. I rang my old man from the zoo to wish him a happy Fathers Day. Little did I know but my mum had sent me a text message wanting me to ring my dad. As the battery in my phone was low I took Miky’s phone and left mine on the charger at home. That way we could still talk to each other. She had more dresses to make and was unable to join us.

First stop was the African Savannah, followed by the primates and the nocturnal house. Then we saw the elephants, where my camera battery promptly died, before finishing up at the reptile exhibit and the Australian wetlands with the penguins.

Rare white rhinos with calf at Perth Zoo.

Huge lioness at Perth Zoo.

Curious meerkat at Perth Zoo.

Couple of giraffes happily munching away at Perth Zoo.

The elephants appeared to enjoy cooling down at the Perth Zoo.

The entire afternoon was spent cleaning and rearranging furniture. Miky had bought a new TV stand and it looks great. I was concerned about the mass of power, aerial and connection cables between all of the electrical devices and that I wouldn't remember where they all went afterwards. Needn't have worried as the quality of the reception is better than ever. I must have fixed something that wasn't quite right initially.

Yu-Jin is learning to swim so he was desparate to go the pool with me. Grabbed our togs and went to Riverton Leisureplex only to find that there was a mechanical problem and the heated pool had too much chlorine. No way were we going to swim in the unheated pool. So we went over to the new Vic Park Leisurelife but only had 25 mins for a shower, swim and a shower before they closed. A total of 15 mins in the pool. Did my missus go apeshit about that or what. I think she works far too hard on the weekend but things will start slowing down soon. Anyway, she calmed down a bit later.

All in all, a good Fathers Day. And no new socks or jocks in sight.


Hammysmum said...

Why don't the pics open up?

Hammy said...

Coz they didn't load properly and I did a bodge job that didn't work. I'll fix it later.

Hammysmum said...

Thanks for the pics. Lovely.