Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brownlow Medal Night

The AFL’s night of nights was on last night. The night where we look at the girls in their dresses and the girls that are almost in their dresses. Oh, and the Best and Fairest player in the league is awarded the Brownlow Medal.

The ladies were a little more refined this year as all of them were covered up unlike two years ago when Rebecca Twigley wore that dress. Miss Twigley was much more demure this year.

Nice to see Adam Goodes win a second Brownlow. I would love to have seen Scott West take it out though. He's a fine player and I think this is the fifth time he's finished in the top four.

Probably the best part about the night was the fact that the highest position by an Eagles player went to Daniel Kerr who was ineligible for the medal as he had been suspended during the year for punching an opponent in the nuts. Leave that sort of behaviour on the rugby field. It has no place in Aussie Rules.

Bring on the Grand Final.

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