Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Swine Flu - It's Not That Contagious

Last I heard there has only been one confirmed case of swine flu in Western Australia. Sometimes it's not so bad to be isolated. But the guy who contracted the virus shared a plane with the Fremantle Football Club and they were very concerned that the players might have caught the virus. This would lead to an upheaval in the AFL fixtures for the year if they were unable to field a team for a week or two whilst players were quarantined.

They needn't have worried. If you've seen the Dockers form of late they can't as much catch a football so what hope have they got of catching a virus?


Anonymous said...

You have to be a pig to get it!!

Anonymous said...

Freo dockers.....Can they actually play. I think a team of mannequins would do a better job. Then again my team seemed like mannequins last game. No i don't go for Freo!!