Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Are Wrong Gordon Ramsay

I guess you've all heard the furore over Gordon Ramsay calling Tracy Grimshaw a pig. He also refered to her as a lesbian. Grimshaw has apparently gone to great lengths to show that she isn't a lesbian.

Our prime minister, Kevin Rudd, said that Ramsay was a "new form of lowlife." It's funny that Australia's deputy prime minister, Julia Gillard, commented that Ramsay should, "get back in the kitchen." Don't you find that to be an ironically sexist remark?

Well, Gordon Ramsay, you're wrong. Tracy Grimshaw isn't a pig. She's more like a bulldog chewing a wasp or a botox experiment gone wrong.

Many people are calling Ramsay "sexist" for his comments. I think maybe he gets a bit carried away and thinks they are saying "sexy" or "sexyist". Don't call me a sexist though. I get enough of that from my wife. But she would say that. She's a woman.

He he.

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Anonymous said...

That sexist pig!!! Burn him a the stake somebody!!! lol