Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Australian Rugby Trying To Turn Players Gay?

It's a worry to hear that there is a rule within the NRL that players can't take a woman back to their hotel room. Brisbane Bronco's Joel Clinton took a woman back to his hotel room prior to a match last month and was fined, wait for it, $50,000. The headline reads, "Woman in room costs Brisbane Bronco $50K" which sounds more like she was a high-class hooker but that's not what the story was about. It was against the Bronco's players' code of conduct, and the NRL is quite concerned about sexual shenanigans ruining the face of the league, therefore he was slapped with the huge fine.

It's almost enough to turn a man gay, don't you think? At least there's no rule about bringing a bloke back to your room. How ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Ya if they are homos they will not miss any game time. Those bastards doing that to them. It is ridiculous but, they do not want them to get anyone pregnant and miss game time caring for the woman.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't getting the chick pregnant, coaches of all sports tell their players not to have sex the day/night before a game as it is suppose to zapp there energy!
To bad if your wife wants a baby eh!

Hammy said...

It's aimed more at blokes who behave more like animals when it comes to women, especially those that hunt in packs. The league has seen too many scandals darken their name. These are blokes who aren't spending time with their wives either - that's not who they are concerned about.

Anonymous said...

One night in bed would not zap thier energy ,as much as, caring for a pregnant woman and the child. They also sleep with prostitutes and give the other players germs that zap thier energy most likely. Those nasty perverts lol