Thursday, June 04, 2009

Melbourne - Ahead of the Rest of the Southern Hemisphere

Melbourne has a bit of a reputation for being ahead of the pack but I feel that Bruce MacEvaney went too far with his premature exclamation on Sunday. I was sitting back watching the footy, Essendon versus Geelong (we copped a hiding), when Bruce announced that it was the first day of winter in Melbourne. Well, bugger me if the rest of Australia doesn't herald the coming of winter on the 1st of June but I can't see why Melbourne should welcome it on the 31st of May.

You're still a wanker Bruce. And why didn't any of the other commentators put him right? Is he that much of a god within the industry? It's not so much about calling the match as he sees it but making the great one liners and bold statements. And it's quite obvious that he's never played the game as he has little idea, even after all these years of calling the game.

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Susan Ham said...

This is just another case of him, like they all do, flapping his gums to fill the air with something or people will think they are off the air, isn't it?