Friday, June 26, 2009

Exhausted Exhaust

For a couple of weeks I had noticed a bit of a rattle out of the rear end of the car. It didn't seem to be anything major or getting any worse. Then the other day as I was about to go for a drive I noticed that the tailpipe was pointing upwards which was rather strange. Closer inspection revealed that the exhaust had rusted through and I don't really understand how it hadn't fallen off.

Took it down to a nearby exhaust and brake shop who could do the job the next day after giving me a chance to drop it off after work had finished. It must have been two, possibly three, years since the exhaust pipe was last replaced. The mechanic said that if you get two years out of an exhaust you've done well. Apparently unleaded petrol coupled with low kilometres leads to exhaust failure quite early as it rusts from the inside even though the outside looks almost brand new.

Exhausted Exhaust

It's an expensive habit to develop, methinks. The mechanic also said that he'd seen much worse and people asked for it to be welded back together.


Anonymous said...

Ugh better luck next time. Expensive repairs are no fun.

magi said...

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Hammy said...

Thanks magi. Talk about targeted content.