Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hard Bargain To Change A Watch Battery

My watch battery died a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't had enough time to take it and have the battery replaced until last Saturday afternoon just before 4:30. Most shops closed at five but this one just happened to have a 4:30 finish scheduled.

I asked the lady in the shop how much to replace the battery. She said it would be $34.95 and I, somewhat shocked, said that it cost $25 only two years ago. "It was $28.95 in January," she responded. Then she kept going on about the need for a pressure test, the watch is water resistant to 100m, but I wasn't interested in paying $75 (plus inflation from eight years ago) for that, which didn't put her in a good mood. I've had no issues with water so the seal must be in good nick. Not having a great deal of choice I accepted her offer.

She set to work and seemed to be struggling. I offered to go shopping for a few minutes and return but she wanted me to wait. Obviously wanting to make a fast getaway. When it came time to set the watch she was bamboozled. "Do you know how to set this watch?" she asked.
"I'll only charge you $28.95 then."

Six dollars for less than six minutes work? So, I got my bargain but had to do some of the work myself. And the watch is slightly more difficult than a video recorder to set so I did myself a favour. Gee, what's it going to cost in two to three years time when the battery needs to be replaced again?


Susan Ham said...

Oooh, I just can't resist this one. It seems the adage, 'time is money.' applies here. It also seems, for the money you have spent, the watch should talk to you.

Anonymous said...

Damn buy the time you are done paying for that thing you could have practically bought a Rolex. Sorry for you. Those rip off artists!!

Anonymous said...

$35 to change a battery!!! If you can do it yourself it will probably cost you less than $5 for the battery from a hardware or a cheap shop. Otherwise you would be better off buying a $20 watch every few years. I'm in the wrong job!!!!