Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cool Number Plates

Bit of a slow news week. We've got the boy's birthday party this afternoon so that should be an afternoon full of noisy, sugared-up kids running around. Glad to be paying someone else to look after them (read = put up with).

Just to keep you entertained I'll throw up a few number plates I have seen recently.

4SHAW - "For Shaw" and not "for sure". How do I know this? Mr Shaw came out to his car as I was about to take a photo of his number plate, so I kindly asked permission, and he proceeded to tell me that his name was Shaw and that the car was for him.

That's "Mr Rob" to you. I wonder if it is the same Mr Rob as who does the kids' workshops at Bunnings?

P DUBBA U - PW, I guess.

FERAL HD - Feral Harley Davidson.

FERAL HD - And the rider of the Harley Davidson looks pretty feral too! I wouldn't want to mess with her.

GO DAD GO - Seen at the Sheraton in Perth.

Some kid obviously has too much pocket money and doesn't mind showing off.

GO MUM GO - Don't forget the old lady.

The number plates alone would be too difficult for me to justify. Never mind buying a pair of Lamborghinis.

H8WORK - Hate work. Anybody disagree with this bold statement?

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