Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovision Song Contest Semi 1 2008 - Stop The Discrimination

The Boy and I watched the first semi-final of Eurovision 2008 last night. There were some very performances, most notably from Montenegro, Greece, Andorra, Armenia, Israel and Finland. I would have to say that the long-haired heavy metal rockers from Finland were my favourite. What else would you expect from a country of 600,000 lakes, rally drivers, blondes, javelin throwers and distance runners? Seeing as the votes were cast by SMS they would have had an unfair advantage as Nokia, from Finland, practically invented the mobile phone. Actually, you weren't allowed to vote for your countrymen.

I'd be ashamed to say that I was Irish following the performance of Dustin the Turkey. No wonder there were boos and jeers from the audience as they were not a worthy representative of their nation.

There was a certain cringe factor associated with watching Europeans making lame jokes in English but I guess you have to expect that. Overall it was worth watching. We'll be there for the second semi-final, whenever that is going to be shown.

I couldn't help but notice the blatant discrimination however. Where were the entrants from Australia, Qatar, Yemen, Lesotho and that perennial favourite Swaziland? So what if it is "Euro"? You are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of nationality. It's time that this competition was opened up to the world.


Anonymous said...

Ya it is time to be fair and have more equality in the competition. Have a great weekend. Annette Here in the US we are celebrating the Dead monday for Memorial day.

Susan Ham said...

I saw some of the finals on the news. Ugh! What rubbish.