Saturday, May 31, 2008

Singapore Trip - In The Dark

We've paid for a week long cruise from Singapore later in the year. We're pretty excited about it and have been speaking to Singaporean friends to obtain insider knowledge about places to visit and best places to shop. We initially booked two days extra in Singapore after the cruise finished but are thinking about extending it to four. Everybody says that you can't see everything that you need to in only two days. So, we're looking into it.

Last night, around 8pm, the phone rang. The Boy answered it and someone told him that "Your cruise has been cancelled." By the time I got to the phone they had hung up. I rang Flight Centre's after hours service shortly afterwards and they informed me that they didn't have access to the tour operator's database and I'd have to wait until Monday.

I went to Travel Centre today and they were unable to tell me anything. As we have a public holiday on Monday I'll have to wait until Tuesday at the earliest. Not too sure what's happening and not too sure how upset I should be. If the cruise doesn't eventuate we still plan to visit Singapore and stay for a week.


Susan Ham said...

Nail biting stuff. I had a call on my mobile yesterday, telling me I had won a $60.00 betting voucher. I hung up quickly, and do not know who it was. My number is not listed in any phone book. hey rang back a couple of mins later, but I just hit the off button. Then, they sent me an SMS to say I had a missed call! They rang me mate in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I hope it works out. I get all of these bogus emails that they have an atm card full of money for me, bank accounts and crazy lies.It gets so annoying. Have fun!! Annette

Hammy said...

I'm starting to think that it is just a prank but how many people who know that I am going have my phone number? Is there something more sinister, such as a compromised database within the travel agency, at the heart of the matter? I guess I'll find out soon enough.