Monday, May 05, 2008

New Job For Troy Buswell

Troy Buswell, soon to be former Opposition leader in Western Australia, could indeed be given an overseas posting. Although, at this stage we aren't sure over which sea he would be posted. Cast your mind back two weeks ago to the story of a Roman Catholic priest who was strapped into a chair tied to hundreds of helium balloons in Brazil and disappeared after some six hours aloft.

Troy "Sniffer" Buswell - here is your posting. Find that chair!!

Maybe we should call him Troy "Melbourne" Buswell following an amazing game of football on the weekend. The Fremantle Dockers were playing the Melbourne Demons, who hadn't won a game in the first six rounds, and were leading by 50 points (a huge margin) at half time and then went on to lose the game. Melbourne got a "sniff" (a hint of victory) and that was all they needed for a record comeback.

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