Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Embarrassing Allergy

On the weekend the Boy and I went to the markets for fruit and veg shopping. I remembered that we were all out of nuts and said that we have to go to another shop. He was horrified when we popped into the Angry Almond as it sold a multitude of nuts - something he is allergic to. I purchased some Yoshiniki peanuts and Japanese peanuts along with unsalted cashews. Not wanting to leave him out I also got some banana chips and Chinese crackers. When we went to pay for them the assistant asked if he was allowed to have some chocolate. I answered "Yes, as long as it doesn't have nuts in it. He's actually allergic to nuts."

It was slightly embarrassing to go into a shop whose sole being was to sell something that my son couldn't eat. Anyway, she gave him some nice milk chocolate and he's enjoying getting stuck into the Chinese crackers.


Anonymous said...

Nuts are good and my son is allergic too. Take care. Annette

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should find out if you can get your son de-sensitized to nuts at one of the hospitals. I know the can do it for bee allergies.

Hammy said...

We had him vaccinated against ear infections - best $160 we could have spent. Might be worth checking out.