Thursday, May 01, 2008

Troy Buswell - Opposition Leader Is The Butt Of Jokes

Little wonder that Troy Buswell is the "butt" of jokes at the moment. He's currently the Opposition Leader in Western Australia and has dreams of becoming Premier at the next election. But his past is catching up with him. And he's been a bit of a lad.

Just before he led a revolt in the Liberal Party with the result being a leadership spill and he moved from being deputy leader to the leadership role he was almost brought to his knees following revelations that he used an old-fashioned party trick, that of snapping the bra of a Labor party staff member, in Parliament whilst drunk. Surprisingly he still won the leadership ballot.

Only a couple of days ago it was alleged by the Sunday Times newspaper that he had sniffed the chair of a female staffer about two years ago. He refused to confirm or deny the "unsubstantiated, anonymous rumours". Then the next day he fronts the media and just stands there blubbering before finally admitting that he had sniffed the woman's chair. And the Liberal Party thought that they were in trouble prior to these incidents being raised?

Q. What does Troy Buswell take for his hayfever?
A. Seat covers.

New job role for former State Liberal Party leader:
- Spokesperson for Kleenex tissues
- The advertising face for Zyrtec and Claratyne
- Trainer for Customs dogs (beagles) at airports
- Job as a detective as he likes "sniffing around"
- Overseas diplomat, "Jobs for the boys", as he's certainly one of the boys

I was disappointed that there were no hard-hitting questions from journalists.
- What's the best nasal decongestant on the market?
- Do you also sniff bike seat covers?
- Who's the best smelling woman in Parliament?
- Do you have a large doghouse where you live?

Can't see him surviving too long as leader of the Opposition and certainly can't see him becoming Premier.


Susan Ham said...

If all the Liberals collectively pushed him, he would not stumble. Where is the moral fibre and backbone of these people?

Anonymous said...

Gross what is he a damn dog sniffing people's behinds and ect?? That crazy needs help real fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey he said "Hammy's dinner last night did not smell too good when you let out that stinky fart today ha ha ha now it seems he smells man ass too ha ha ha Hammy next time fill up on beans and let it rip for him ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Maybe he is bisexual and likes the smell of any ones butt ha ha haha hah ha ha Enjoy your weekend ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Be sure to see "OOh that smell the video on YOu tube. That is his song and he loves it. Bow wow ruff ruff. Got dog bones??